Thursday, November 27, 2008

End of Short Attention Span Challenge

I know I really made you wait for this one! But I couldn't announce a winner until I had at least finished my own example. I was trying to use the glitter and glue pad technique but it was really hard (or I wasn't doing it right...). Either way, I finally finished it, and I know it's not great but I really liked what YOU GUYS did with this challenge. You are all bookmark makers from way back! If I had to name a winner, though, (and I don't, but I will anyway) I would give that honor and distinction to Sandi for her old-timey folded paper bookmark. It seemed very Victorian and I really liked it. As your reward, you will get something cool and fun the very next time I see you (and it won't have anything to do with flies!) Thanks for your patience! Now on to the next challenge!
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