Thursday, October 30, 2008

I Fin-OWL-ly Finished!

(Sorry for the bad pun)... Well, it took 3 weeks but I finally finished! Can you guess what my focus stamp is??? I think Owls are so cute! And I'm so glad I got this stamp set! I'm thinking of the new challenge right now... what do you think about a "no adhesive" challenge??? (Just kidding!) I'll be posting the latest challenge on this blog soon... Stay tuned!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

I Answer My Throwdown

I did play in the throwdown only because I am not judging this challenge. I've seen some of the entries so I am not worried about whether I can win this or not. I can't. (but it was still loads of fun)

Vicky answers the Cardsister "Throwdown"

Vicky (gonna have to give her a "sister" name) has answered the Cardsister card challenge! I have posted her entries to the challenge for the judges review. (Vicky was supposed to be a judge, but Cardsister talked her out of her box...for a little while, anyway! You go, girl!)

A Craftysister "Thang!"

When the sisters were at Casa de Belmont last weekend, Craftysister laid down a "side" challenge of her own. She gave cardsister, techno-sis and katiebug a piece of cardstock, buttons, ric-rac and a layout to follow. I haven't scrapped a page like this-ever! I had a great time doing it and I like the way it came out. However, I forgot the buttons (sorry, sis) but I did use some pretty Primas.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Card Throwdown

OK, here it is. The challenge you have all been waiting for. This throwdown is a card making challenge. This is how it goes: 1) Four cards-Happy Birthday, Thank You, Get Well and Thinking of You. 2) No cards can have the same layout. 3) You can use more than one stamp, but each card must have one stamped image the same and it must be the focal point of the card. There are no other requirements. My cards will be posted at the end of the challenge, same as yours. There will be a panel of four impartial judges (means they are not related to each other) who will agree on the winner (this is for the whiner-and you know who you are). This challenge is open to all who wish to participate and ends on Thursday 10/23/08 at noon. Good Luck!

Saturday, October 4, 2008

This Card is DA BOMB (werd!)

That's right! This recipe card has it all! It's Martha Stewart meets Stampin Up and they both go to tea with Stickles and Ribbons! If I don't win this challenge... if I don't win this challenge... well, let me just say you can FORGET about receiving any moore care packages from me! (Not to try and influence the judging in any way.) This recipe card was totally worth the wait-- for me, at least. I only wish I had time to come up with my own recipe instead of having to steal one from

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Recipe Card Challenge

OK, little sister, here it is! My version of the "Cookie Recipe Card". I have answered your challenge and as soon as my creative juices start going again, I'm going to issue a challenge of my own. Here's a hint...think cards. Lots of cards.

A Nice Surprise!

What a great daughter I have! Katie sent me these Prima flowers and a sweet note just reason...just because!! So sweet and thoughtful, always thinking of her Mom!! She's a great kid! Love you, Katie!!
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