Sunday, December 18, 2011

cute card!

We used to have a scrapbook store here where I live.  The lady that owned it, I'll just call her Yolanda, because that was her real name, she got me interested in the A Muse Artstamps stamps.  Her store has been closed for a year and I just now used these stamps for the first time last week!  I'm slow, but eventually I get around to doing stuff...

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

a bird day card-now?

Just seems like the wrong time of year for a "bird-day" card.  However, my day and my dad-in-law both have bird-days in December.  Is this card too girly?  I did make the birds blue.  Blue is for boys, right?  Might have to make a more manly card for these men in my life, but this one is pretty (girly) cute!

Friday, December 9, 2011

christmas card 2011

This is the card I will not be sending for Christmas 2011.  I would LIKE to send it...but I won't get it done.  I still have to get them all made, so I probably will only get a few made, and then I still have to get them to the post office...that won't happen either.  Making Christmas cookies takes priority around here, so this little dog (does look like Trixie, right?) will have to wait for another Christmas.  I would like to thank my friend Vicky for the stamp-she found this a few years ago and I didn't know how I wanted to use it.  I figured it out...thanks, Vicky!

Friday, December 2, 2011

a vintage birthday card

Still playing with the kraft paper and October Afternoon's 5 & Dime!  I do have to confess that I got this idea from Card Magazine.  I used different paper, but stole the idea.  Stole?  That's such a harsh word.  OK, maybe I "borrowed" the idea...I'll give it back later. Love that stamp.  I went to Michaels just to find that stamp...I didn't have it in my stash of 5, now I have 5,001 stamps!  What's wrong with that?  Not one thing!
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