Sunday, December 18, 2011

cute card!

We used to have a scrapbook store here where I live.  The lady that owned it, I'll just call her Yolanda, because that was her real name, she got me interested in the A Muse Artstamps stamps.  Her store has been closed for a year and I just now used these stamps for the first time last week!  I'm slow, but eventually I get around to doing stuff...

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

a bird day card-now?

Just seems like the wrong time of year for a "bird-day" card.  However, my day and my dad-in-law both have bird-days in December.  Is this card too girly?  I did make the birds blue.  Blue is for boys, right?  Might have to make a more manly card for these men in my life, but this one is pretty (girly) cute!

Friday, December 9, 2011

christmas card 2011

This is the card I will not be sending for Christmas 2011.  I would LIKE to send it...but I won't get it done.  I still have to get them all made, so I probably will only get a few made, and then I still have to get them to the post office...that won't happen either.  Making Christmas cookies takes priority around here, so this little dog (does look like Trixie, right?) will have to wait for another Christmas.  I would like to thank my friend Vicky for the stamp-she found this a few years ago and I didn't know how I wanted to use it.  I figured it out...thanks, Vicky!

Friday, December 2, 2011

a vintage birthday card

Still playing with the kraft paper and October Afternoon's 5 & Dime!  I do have to confess that I got this idea from Card Magazine.  I used different paper, but stole the idea.  Stole?  That's such a harsh word.  OK, maybe I "borrowed" the idea...I'll give it back later. Love that stamp.  I went to Michaels just to find that stamp...I didn't have it in my stash of 5, now I have 5,001 stamps!  What's wrong with that?  Not one thing!

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

a different project

I found this plain jane large clip at Hobby Lobby (again with the clearance aisle) for .50 cents!  I just had to figure out something to do with it!  So I came up with this!  I made a "cardsister" card holder with it!  I haven't remembered to use it yet-it looks so pretty decorating my craft room-but, soon...really soon.

I think the paper is from My Minds Eye.  Blinged it with some Tim Holtz and the usual cast of characters.  I think this is going to work out just fine...

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

birthday cards

I was playing around with some kraft paper a few weeks ago and came up with these cards.  I used October Afternoon's 5 & Dime (8x8) paper pack.  I really liked the paper in that one so I was really glad when Hobby Lobby put it in the clearance aisle!  $4 (normally $9.99) for the pack!  Gotta love a bargain like that!  Of course my family and friends will tell you that anything with "clearance/sale/half-price" in the title will get me everytime!!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

cute pin cushions!

I'm a little behind the times, but I tend to stay there!  I saw these  here  a while back and really thought they were super cute!  I wanted to bring a little gift to my daughter when we go and visit her, so I picked up these small frames at Hobby Lobby and turned them into pin cushions!  So easy! 
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Monday, October 17, 2011

a dog-gone dilemma...

This is my little dog, Trixie.  She is a Westie and a real cutie.  She loves these squeeky toys.  She actually has several of these colored squeeky (ear piercing!) balls-they are all in the toy basket.  She has never had two of them out at the same time.  A real dilemma...Which one to  Maybe green?  Hmmmm this is quite a problem.  This is also a dog with way too much time on her paws.  Maybe I could teach her to do the laundry. 
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Thursday, September 29, 2011

a little book

OK, I didn't have anything to post tonight.  I did make this little book a few days ago and I do think it's kinda cute.  I just love to re-cover's relaxing.   Not as good as being on the beach with a Pina Colada relaxed, but still...
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Saturday, September 10, 2011

another journal

This is a journal I made with a lot of Tim Holtz product. The "journal" die on the side-used on the book and then again on a page from an old book, then layered over the die cut.  Lots of stamping, more die cuts (cage), tickets, chain, clip, etc.  I also used Prima flowers, butterflies and swirls.  The paper is either TH or MMY-I can never remember to write this info down!  It is interesting, isn't it?
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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

a journal...

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I made this journal a while back and just thought you should see it.  I haven't had a lot of time lately to work on projects, but I am trying to get something posted on this blog. I like this mix of lavender and goes so well together!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

something for dad...

This is the shadow box I made for my Dad for Father's Day.  This was from all three of his kids, I just put it together.  This is just a small fraction of the life he had in the Army National Guard.  We (I mean my Mom) is always finding things that need to go in a place to celebrate his working life.  This is it.  Mom has already found some things to add to the box and there are some things we are on the lookout for.  She'll find them...and then we might need another shadow box!
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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

another card, sister...

Gotcha with that title, right?  I haven't posted in a while and I have tried to get better about that so I found this card that I had forgotten about.  I am working on some more projects, so hopefully soon I will be back with something fun! 
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Monday, May 9, 2011

for me?

Isn't this a beautiful card?  My daughter Katie made this for my Mother's Day card!  She is such a talented little card maker!  So many textures and colors!  I LOVE IT!  She mailed this card to me with my gift-a Pandora Charm!  It is beautiful, too! I Love You, Katie!!  Thank you so much!
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Friday, May 6, 2011

another birthday card

I found the rose ribbon at Hobby Lobby and thought it was so pretty.  I have it in brown and black also.  This white ribbon can be easily spritzed with Tattered Angels Glimmer Mist or Glimmer Glam.  The Glimmer Glam I picked up at my favorite LSS, CRAFT CROSSING...although she isn't really local to me...she's about 300 miles away! Anyway, if you happen to be in Gonzalez, Texas, you might just swing by and check her out!  It's worth the drive, trust me!
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Thursday, May 5, 2011

how cute are these?

One of my biggest fans (thanks Mom) sent me a link of a lady that was making these for sale as a fund raiser.  She didn't have the really cute cards that I made to put them on, but I did get the idea from her.  These are metal washers that have been covered in patterned paper, covered in glossy accents, have been strung with twine and finished with a cute little bead.  How easy is that?  I had so much fun making them that I now have about twenty of them.   These are necklaces, but they could easily be contorted into key chains or book marks.  Think these may have go to the church fund raiser...
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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

more birthday's

I just don't know what to say about this card.  Pop dotted the butterfly, double stamped the stamp, used prisma colored pencils and hot fix bling.  Anybody have a birthday coming up?

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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

a daughter's birthday card

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This is a card that I made with an old stamp and a new stamp.  The flower stamp is the old one and the HB stamp is the new one.  I love that ribbon so much that I only use it on special cards and projects.  This card is for my oldest daughter's birthday.  Her birthday was in April.  I'm a little late...

Monday, May 2, 2011

more hand scrub

I made this hand scrub for a friend who asked for six jars! I made the label from Tim Holtz grungepaper and put some primas on them!  Too cute, right?  I used a Tim die and machine sewed the cardstock front to the label.
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Friday, April 8, 2011

more post-it note books

I so love making these!  They are so neat for dropping in your purse or keeping in the car.  OK, so I don't do any of that.  I just like to make them and give them to my friends.  THEY drop them in their purses and put them in their cars...

Again I used the sizzix die for the note.  I bought the chandelier stamp a long time ago and couldn't think how to use it and saw it on a card this way, so I sorta borrowed the idea.

Monday, April 4, 2011

and now for something different!

I bought this box over a year ago.  My sis got one too.  I'm sure she has very nicely finished her's and it has been put to good use. She is usually way ahead of me on this kind of stuff!  Mine however, has just now been completed.  It is pretty cute.  I put my colored rose ribbon in it and some extra stuff like stickles and clear buttons.

I really like it, but I'm glad I only bought one! The frame is pressed wood and the drawers were cardboard.  I had to tape the drawers together.  Do you know how frustrating it is to have no pictures OR instructions?  Oh, well, me and my feeble mind did manage to figure it out!!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

a real "note" book

This is another one of Michaels $1 books.  I just love these little books, so cheap and easy to re-cover!  The paper is from the paper studio and the die is from sizzix.

Sorry the "the" got covered up by the ribbon.  I didn't notice until I had already loaded the picture.  Just pretend you can see it.  It really is there.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

a pretty card

I made this birthday card a few weeks ago.  I used the white ribbon flower and a blue heart pin.  There is some glimmer mist, sparkly pearls and prima leaves.  Just simple.

Monday, March 21, 2011

have you seen these?

I found these on a blog called the greenbeans crafterole.  OK, not THESE specifically, but ones just like 'em!  You should visit her blog, it is really cool!  I would like to personally thank my Mom for supplying these gift cards.  Scrappin' Sister gave me a hand full the other day and I need to get them made up!

Thanks for peekin'!

Friday, March 18, 2011

another drum roll, please!

This is the card made by my next Guest Blogger, Scrappin' Sister!  You need to know that there is a story behind this card...

Oh, for the love of crazy friends...OK, here is the story.  On Wednesday, Scrappin' Sister, Sassy Sister and Cardsister were hanging out at Hob Lob.  We walked by the aisle where all the feathers and boa's were hanging.  We noted that they had some really cute and pretty feathers.  That's when it happened.  I knew when the words came out of her mouth that this would be a challenge and Scrappin' Sister never walks away from a crafty challenge.  Well, Sassy Sister (and this is only ONE of the many reasons she got this name) said, "You know, Mom, I bet you could use those green feathers as leaves on a tree..."  Of course, the rest is history.  We now have the cutiest card ever with green feathers as leaves.   I hope that Sassy Sister never challenges her to use food on a card...unless it's chocolate!
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