Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Katie's Spice Rack!

Look how I dressed up these spice jars from the rack Mom and Dad gave me back in December. This is a project I could not have completed without my Xyron or Nesties! I didn't do much, but I think they look so cute-- I'm so proud of myself; Yay! Now I just need to learn how to use spices when I cook... what spices do you add to a Lean Cuisine???

PS: I made the flower vase in the background, too!

Embellishment Board (and magnets too!)

I can't help it! This paper has my mind and hands going all the time! I thought this embellishment board came out very cute. I'm keeping this one for myself!

Here's another one!!

I made this magnet board this weekend. Really like the colors on this one. (and I still LOVE this paper!)

Friday, February 20, 2009

Love the Magnet Boards!

Ok, I can't help it! I do LOVE making magnet boards! Scrappin' Sister was so thoughtful to bring me a surprise of DCWV - The Green Stack. This is the cutiest paper I have seen in a while. This paper has a really nice feel to it and very easy to work with. Don't you like the owl in the tree? Love this! Scrappin' Sister made my day! Thanks again, SS!!

Embellish This!!

I made these embellishment boards for my "sisters" for Christmas. I, unfortunately, forgot to take pictures of theirs before they were wrapped up so I took a picture of the one that inspired me. I didn't decorate it very much because I needed to be able to have the little tin cans stick to the metal board. The little cans are the spice cans they sell at Bed, Bath and Beyond. I couldn't decorate the cans too much or they would be too heavy and fall off the board...and we couldn't have that. Right?


I found these cute wooden letters at Hobby Lobby last week. I thought about painting them to match my craft room, but I ended up papering (my favorite thing) them instead. I think they look fantastic! The "M" has a gold chain around the bottom with the word "create" on it! So cute!

Just a Note Books

Found these little "note books" at Michael's in the dollar bin. I recovered them and "spruced" them up a bit. They make nice little last minute gifts and they are really fun to make!

More Cards

Since it has been a while, I thought I would post some of the cards I have made recently. The three girls on the beach were chalked. I gave these cards to knittin' sister. She sends out a lot of cards! (Thanks, Mom!)
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